12 Male Movie Characters That Are Smokin’ Hot

12 Male Movie Characters That Are Smokin’ Hot

It’s hard to tell which characters bring more views, male or female ones. While it’s true that gorgeous women will be unquestionably popular until the end of times, male heroes are gaining more and more popularity with each passing day. Some of them win viewers over with their intellectual prowess and charm, and then there are others that are just too hot to ignore. Here’s a list of male characters that will make take your breath away.



Magic Mike (Channing Tatum)
Magic Mike is like a candy factory packed with chocolates and sweets of all kinds. Some women might prefer the charming Matt Bomer with his hard-not-to-stare-at bum, but Channing Tatum is definitely the main star of this show. His dance moves are impeccable, as well as his body, which he shows off constantly. After all, it is a movie about women going crazy over handsome guys.



Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford)
Indy has been around for a long time, but women still think melt when they see him on screen. So what makes Indiana Jones so irresistible? For starters, he’s portrayed by the manly and overly handsome Harrison Ford. Indy is an adventurous archeologist fond of various treasures and beautiful women. And it seems they’re fond of him as well! Besides, watching him fight all those pesky criminals that stand between him and his artifacts is also incredibly fun.



Captain America (Chris Evans)
Marvel surely knows how to pick good-looking superheroes. Chris Evans is definitely one of the most delicious male leads from the Marvel Universe. His build, suits the role of Captain America perfectly and it really hurts no one if he takes his shirt off once or twice. Or more.



Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård)
Eric is one of the many reasons True Blood has got so many fans. Alexander Skarsgård portrays a seductive, smart and vicious vampire who always gets what he wants. The man is utterly handsome and the role suits him really well. After all, Alexander was named the hottest man in Sweden some five times.



Thor (Chris Hemsworth)
Another great addition to the Marvel Universe. Chris Hemsworth plays the amazingly good-looking God of Thunder who came down to Earth without any understanding of its culture whatsoever. Which made him look both rude and cute at the same time. It’s a truly irresistible concoction!



Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)
What is it about broody muscular guys that make women’s hearts beat so fast? Hugh Jackman made a huge impact portraying Wolverine, and we can’t but admire the short, yet impressive running-naked-through-the-field scene.



Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze)
Dirty Dancing is one of the all-time favorites that just doesn’t get old. Millions of women held their breaths when Patrick Swayze swept the young and gorgeous Jennifer Grey off her feet. It’s one of those rom-coms that are just too cute to be true. And John Castle is an unbearably handsome guy!



Achilles (Brad Pitt)
While Troy might not be the most historically accurate movie, it sure does offer a lot of stunning visuals, Brad Pitt’s gorgeous body being one of them! The actor has worked hard to make himself look suitable for the role, and oh boy, suitable he is!



Romeo (Leonardo DiCaprio)
The story of Romeo + Juliet is a never-dying Shakespearean drama that still drives girls crazy. Young Leonardo DiCaprio portrays a rebellious boy who is ready to do anything for the love of his life. Even die!



Conan (Jason Momoa)
Long before the Game of Thrones hit the screens, Jason Momoa was already giving heartache to millions of women. His good looks are on full display in Conan the Barbarian and we can’t but admit that he is an amazingly handsome man.



Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)
Hotness comes in different packages – Johnny Depp is the living and breathing proof of that. What is it about him that makes the weird and unethical Captain Jack Sparrow so appealing? Well, he’s a pirate and that’s considered to be incredibly romantic by women of all ages. He also loves danger, adventures and seems to be virtually unkillable.



Neo (Keanu Reeves)
The Matrix trilogy has become a truly legendary film series due to the amazing concept produced by the Wachowskis. Keanu Reeves also got his fair share of stardom after the movies came out (not that he was lacking before, but still). Neo is a cool and stylish character that is witty, brave, kind of smart, and is not afraid to engage into serious action. It’s hard not to fall for him!

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