15 Blood-Chilling Horror Movies Based on Real Events

15 Blood-Chilling Horror Movies Based on Real Events

Why do we love watching horror movies so much? They make us squeak, squeal and want to hide under the sofa. Yet this adrenaline rush is what keeps us glued to the screens, along with the fact that the stories are completely fictional. Because if nothing like that could happen in real life then it’s totally okay to watch it. But that’s where we are wrong! Things like Chainsaw Massacre and Exorcist do happen in real life. In fact, some of the scariest movies are actually based on true stories! Don’t believe? Here are 15 horror movie plots that once happened in real life.



Child’s Play (1988)
Think possessed dolls aren’t real? We beg to disagree. This plot about a killer doll was inspired by an actual story about a writer Robert Eugene Otto who suffered from a voodoo curse. His nurse enchanted one of his childhood dolls and the thing turned his life into a nightmare.



A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
They say dying in your sleep is a peaceful way to go, but this is not what happened to a bunch of Laotian refugees. These poor souls were literally frightened to death by nightmares! Back in the 80s this case was described as ‘Oriental nightmare death syndrome’. This is what inspired the creators of A Nightmare on Elm Street.



The Exorcist (1973)
Exorcism is not something you might easily witness today, but 70 years ago it was still practiced and, well, demons were cast out of human bodies. At least that’s what supposedly happened to a boy named Roland Doe who tried using an Ouija board and managed to awake some dark forces that possessed him. He was then taken to Catholic priests who performed the ritual of exorcism. This story inspired William Peter Blatty to write a book in 1971, which was later turned into a movie.



Deranged (1974)
It’s really hard to believe that love can make a person keep the body of a loved one long after their death. But this is exactly what happened in the 1974 movie. It was inspired by the crimes of Ed Gein, one of the most notorious serial killers in the U.S.



The Rite (2011)
It seems that exorcisms were pretty popular back in the day. This movie was inspired by the life and work of Father Gary Thomas, one of the most famous exorcists in America. This movie will definitely make your hair stand on end!



The Girl Next Door (2007)
We warned you that the scariest stories were all about real life events. The Girl Next Door was based on one of the most horrendous crimes in Indiana State. In 1965, Gertrude Baniszewski tortured and brutally murdered young Sylvia Likens.



The Haunting In Connecticut (2009)
We all know the stories about couples buying a new house and discovering that it’s haunted by ghosts. Yet this one is based on the events that really happened – Al and Carmen Snedeker bought a house over the funeral parlor and suffered from unwelcoming spirits.



The Strangers (2008)
Everyone knows the story of the infamous Charles Manson and his murderous cult, so it is no wonder that it was turned into a plot. Take a step back in time as you watch the evil unfold in this nerve-wrecking movie.



Eaten Alive (1980)
This gory horror flick from the 80s is all about human flesh and alligators. This one will definitely give you nightmares! The plot is based on the deeds of Joe Balls, a killer who liked watching alligators eat his victims. If it’s of any consolation, in real life the victims were long dead by the time of ‘dinner’.



Curse of the Zodiac (2007)
Zodiac killer is famous for the cryptic messages he liked sending to the press in order to taunt the investigators. He sent four cryptograms all in all, but only one was solved by the police! And you know what the scariest part is? He was never captured. The case of the Zodiac killer has remained open for over 50 years.



Fire in the Sky (1993)
While most people don’t believe in aliens, there are some that insist on experiencing horrendous experiments. We cannot say whether the story of Travis Walton, who was allegedly captured by aliens, is true or not, but one thing we know for sure – this is one of the scariest abduction movies you’ve ever seen.



The Dentist (1966)
Going to the dentist is a stressful event in itself, but it will become even scarier after you watch this movie. Why? Because the story about the dentist-turned-killer is a real one! This is wrong in so many ways.



The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)
How many hours do you think an exorcist needs to perform his ritual? What if we tell you that it can continue for days, weeks, and even months? One of the most famous exorcism movies is based on a true story about Anneliese Michel whose possession was so strong that 1 year was needed to complete the exorcism.



Borderland (2007)
What is it with cult leaders going all blood-thirsty? Borderland tells the story of Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo who believed that his magic spells made him more powerful. He started as an altar boy at a Catholic church, but was later introduced to Haitian Voodoo. He practiced human sacrifices and cut out people’s ears, fingers, toes and even spines. This one is definitely not for the faint-hearted.



The Conjuring (2013)
Did you know that paranormal investigation is a thing now? Like an actual profession. Ed and Lorraine Warren are real life paranormal investigators and this movie is all about one of the hardest cases they have experienced. Think possessed dolls aren’t real? You’ll definitely change your mind after you watch this movie.

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