23 Overwatch Characters and Their Voice Actors

23 Overwatch Characters and Their Voice Actors

Overwatch is easily one of the best and most addictive team shooters out there. In case you somehow missed its roaring release last year or if you’ve been living under a rock. Overwatch is a first-person shooter with a constantly increasing roster of awesome characters. At the time of writing this, there are 24 completely unique characters with their own backstories, skills, ultimate abilities and, of course, distinct voice lines. Except for Bastion. We love you, ya “play of the game” bastard, but those whistle sounds aren’t really voice lines. And as you may have deduced from the title of this piece, we’re gonna talk about the people you rarely see, but hear almost all the time, while playing Overwatch!
So, if you want to see the faces behind some of your favorite Overwatch heroes, check out the people who voiced them!



1. Aysha Selim as Ana



2. Charlet Chung as D.Va



3. Gaku Space as Genji



4. Paul Nakauchi as Hanzo

5. Chris Parson as Junkrat



6. Jonny Cruz as Lucio



7. Matthew Mercer as McCree



8. Lucile Pohl as Mercy



9. Zhang Yu as Mei



10. Jen Cohn as Pharah



11. Keith Ferguson as Reaper



12. Darin De Paul as Reinhardt

13. Josh Petersdorf as Road Hog



14. Fred Tatasciore as Soldier 76



15. Carolina Ravassa as Sombra



16. Anjali Bhimani as Symmetra



17. Keith Silverstein as Torbjorn



18. Cara Theobold as Tracer



19. Chloe Hollings as Widowmaker



20. Crispin Freeman as Winston

21. Dolya Gavanski as Zarya



22. Feodor Chin as Zennyata



23. Cherrelle Skeete as Orissa

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