5 Unbelievably Sexy 90s Movies

5 Unbelievably Sexy 90s Movies

The 90s. A decade we are getting so nostalgic about. In the 90s, most of us were kids who were thrown into the first circles of puberty’s inferno. It was also a decade when highly erotic scenes started flourishing on the big screen. Of course, our parents didn’t allow us to watch them. But forbidden fruit is sweet, so you might have sneaked into the no-no movies. You might have watched them later when you got the most pleasant of adult rights – the right to choose what you can do on your own. It’s a pity if you haven’t watched them at all. Check them out now (or again) because the 90s contributed more than a fair mite to the crop of steamy films.



Basic Instinct (1992)
The movie that secured Sharon Stone’s status as an undisputed sex symbol is particularly (in)famous for the eye-popping interrogation of the hot-to-trot character she portrayed. Every 90s kiddo felt it was his duty to torment the videocassette recorder, endlessly rewinding the VHS in a futile attempt to pause right at the moment when Sharon splays her knees out wide. Honestly, the task was as easy as catching a fish with bare hands in the river. But the lucky few who succeeded had the opportunity to explore a black hole NASA experts could only dream about.


Species (1995)
Gone by the name Sil, the movie’s main character is not like the girls you’ve ever met. Your ordinary date might pierce your soul with her eyes, but Sil will pierce your skull with her tongue right at the moment you’re french-kissing her. Just like a lady mantis, she wants to seduce and devour males. She’s a hunter, but her prey is too stupid and arrogant to realize this. Portrayed by drop-dead gorgeous Natasha Henstridge, smart and extraterrestrial creature perfectly exploits male horniness. Legions of men would die for her. Literally.



Leaving Las Vegas (1995)
Mike Figgis’ Leaving Las Vegas is one of the most soul-crushing, yet undeniably very, very sexy movies ever made. The chemistry between Nicolas Cage who portrays a decaying alcoholic and Elisabeth Shue as a prostitute is absolutely overwhelming. Although the movie has no scenes of filthy nudity, the moment when Cage and Shue finally make love consummating their doomed affair will never be forgotten.


Wild Things (1998)
Although Wild Things looks extremely silly, poorly written, and a bit dated, there’s a scene that still can be labeled as one of the sexiest moments in movie history. The lesbian pool madness between Denise Richards as a wealthy, spoiled socialite and Neve Campbell as an anti-social kid living in a trailer looks anything, but boring. A few minutes of steamy, highly-stylized erotica gave hordes of the 90s teenagers the first glimpse at intercourse between two women. However, the scene was not just about sex as carnal knowledge, but as a powerful force that makes representatives of two opposite classes equal. Whoops, almost forgot! The movie also boasts a weird threesome scene featuring Matt Dillon and champagne being poured all over the bodies.



Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Kubrick’s final film is a sophisticated exploration of arrogance, selfishness, and infidelity. Naturally, it is abundant with elaborate displays of nudity and disturbing sex scenes. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman – who were an actual married couple at the time – guide us into the world of unfulfilled sexual desires and suppressed fears. They try to assure themselves that their marriage is not on the brink of disaster while reality and dreams intertwine giving the viewers an array of materialized fantasies, BDSM imagery, and masonic rituals. One can try to decipher hidden symbols or simply enjoy the stunning visuals and dreamlike plot. Whatever approach to watching this movie you take, it will electrify your sense and make your imagination run wild.

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