8 Hotter-Than-Hell Lady Deadpool Cosplays

8 Hotter-Than-Hell Lady Deadpool Cosplays

The R-rated action comedy featuring a sassy and nutty Marvel Comics character starring Ryan Reynolds has been ranked among the most anticipated movies of 2016. Furious promotion turned a cult favorite into a headliner, and the film is expected to be a major box-office hit. Although most comic book fans know Deadpool as a male assassin, in one of the alternate reality worlds he has an audacious female counterpart named Lady Deadpool. Basically, she is the loopiest mercenary in the world (also known as Deadpool) who swapped “man berries” with “melons”. Besides, the wise-cracking crimson-suited girl has got an impressive blonde ponytail you would definitely like to pull if you were a villain. Continue by clicking the next page button to check out gender-swapped fan art and cosplays to get to know Deadpool ‘s feminine version is better!



The hyper-violent masked bombshell in a fetishistic, red-and-black bodysuit is easily the sexiest sociopath in the Marvel universe.



Originally a blonde, the butt-kicking babe looks even more mysterious with dark hair.



Bang! Blonde cosplay queen Jessica Nigri proves she’s the one who deserves the most mouth-watering chimichangas!



A latex outfit takes Lady Deadpool’s saucy femininity to an ultra sexy level.



Australian cosplay girl ShiveeJam combines ugliness with sensuality by impressively mimicking Deadpool’s scarred face.



This is Shantel Knight, and her gaze thrusts through your chest right into your heart. There’s no need for her to use her crisscrossed swords to slay you. She’ll do this in style with her killer body!



This irreverent homage to Lady Deadpool is perfectly imperfect!



Thanks to her supernatural healing ability, Lady Deadpool, in fact, doesn’t need any costume. Cosplayer Shelle-chii took this literally and did a stunning body painting impersonation.



Do you want even more body painting? Hardly will you take your eyes off the beauty who spiced up Lady Deadpool’s image like no other cosplayer!

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