The 10 Best Movie Villains of all Time

The 10 Best Movie Villains of all Time

Superheroes are awesome! They always save the day, have amazing superpowers and remarkable fashion taste to provide themselves with cool costumes. But these boy scouts would be reduced to getting cats out of trees if it weren’t for the villains. So we decided to countdown the 10 ultimate cinematic baddies we love, hate or love to hate. And sometimes these guys are the best part of the movie:



10. The Joker (The Dark Knight Trilogy)
The Joker has always been a figure of controversy and chaos. His twisted sense of humor and brilliant performance by Heath Ledger have completely won over the audiences and created a cult following even bigger than before



9. Magneto (X-Men franchise)
Created by Marvel’s legend Stan Lee, this Holocaust survivor is truly terrifying. This character became a villain because of all the horrors he’d experienced in life and it’s kind of ironic that he hated the Nazis so much that he basically became a mutant – Hitler, hell bent on eradicating humans






8. Frank Costello (The Departed)
This guy is flat out despicable. The Irish-American mobster portrayed by Jack Nicolson is a sadistic bastard that stole our hearts! His charisma and confidence have granted him his rightful place on this list



7. Dr. Evil (Austin Powers franchise)
OK, Dr. Evil isn’t really threatening but this guy automatically gets a place just for having “Evil” as his last name. And this diabolical mastermind gave us some of the best laughs in the history of comedy movies.





6. Calvin J Candie (Jango Unchained)
This plantation owner is just menacing! Leonardo Di Caprio portrays a ruthless slave owner who’s begging for an Oscar. That’s the kind of a guy you’d never invite to dinner. Calvin has no redeeming qualities.



5. Voldemort (Harry Potter franchise)
He is a psychopath of the highest degree that’ll do anything to make his evil plans come true. Voldemort is absolutely corrupted by power and his pure-blood mindset makes him kind of a racist.





4. Loki (MCU)
He is so much more than just a villain. The adopted brother who’s lived his entire life in the shadow of his brother, Thor. He was put in a position where he didn’t stand a chance of becoming king of Asgard despite being worthy of it. No wonder he’s ready to destroy anything and manipulate anyone to reach his goals.



3. Raoul Silva (James Bond franchise)
A former secret agent turned terrorist, was one of the biggest and toughest challenges for Mr. Bond. Raoul has enough skills and ambitions to instill fear into every member of MI6





2. Bane (TDK)
He is Gotham’s reckoning! This roided up wrestler was the only one to break the bat’s back and Tom Hardy was phenomenal as Bane.



1. Ultron (MCU)
This powerful AI robot that became evil after 2 minutes on the Internet is one of the biggest threats that the Avengers have ever faced. His robotic voice sends chills down our spines and the fact that he loves to make Disney references makes him even scarier (remember the Pinocchio song?). He’ll update himself until everything is Ultron.

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