The 18 Biggest Movie Mistakes You Missed

The 18 Biggest Movie Mistakes You Missed

Watchers who are keen to details can’t come across the most comic movie without pointing out the mistakes, goofs and bloopers.
Of course, it takes some time to notice them because as we all know, the background of every movie is a tricky place to work. Here goes! This is a list of the most obvious movie mistakes, which may upset some movie lovers. For the record, not even Captain Obvious would never spot these!



1. Gladiator
Everyone knows that Gladiator is some historical drama/action based on a true story, right? This movie mistake is crazy. If you remember the scene with the Battle of Carthage, in the background of the main character we noticed nothing but a gas cylinder
Seriously? Because everyone assumed they were riding chariots, instead of this back from the future thing.




2.Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
A lot of silly mistakes were made in this successful movie that were so blatantly obvious.
One of the most memorable ones is when Harry Potter’s signature scar was disappearing and reappearing at will. Magic? Geeks don’t think so.



3.Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
This movie is like a pot of gold, for those who are looking for stupid movie mistakes and bloopers.
Let’s take a look at the guy in short sleeve t-shirt, sunglasses and cowboy hat. He was not supposed to be there.

Look at this photo, it seems like Captain Jack is a big fan of Adidas, lol:)




4. Pretty Woman
First Julia Roberts was chewing a croissant, but in a second it magically turned into a pancake.




5. Braveheart
Only eagle-eyed fans could notice this ridiculous mistake. When the battle began, those who played this scene in slow-mo saw a white van near the group of pikemen.




6. The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy/ The Hobbit
Real fans know that Legolas has blue eyes, but somehow in the Lord of The Rings they became darker than they were supposed to be since the beginning.




7. The Matrix
The camera lens in the door knob? Nice try, but everyone noticed it!




8. 2 Fast 2 Furious
We can spend hours on discussing all mistakes from 2 Fast 2 Furious, but these screenshots have already done the job for us.




9. Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban
It was quite obvious, but a lot of fans didn’t notice the way pot broke into pieces.
Visible crew mistake: when Hermione and Harry were hiding from Malfoy, the outline of a power pack was visible under her pink jacket.

The building in the first scene and last one doesn’t look the same, it’s easy to notice these significant changes, it seems like it’s two different houses.




10. Avengers
After first coming of Thor a car looked damaged, but guess what happened next.

The suit of Captain America repairs itself after the biggest battle against the Chitauri




11. X – Men
No one will be surprised to see these movie goofs and bloopers in X-Men, but everyone will be shocked after seeing how ridiculous they could be.




12. Titanic
The editing team was blind or something, after revealing these huge movie mistakes and errors you won’t be able to watch the movie without seeing them.




13. Twilight
Twilight fans will defend their favorite movie, and they will look for any excuses, but these crazy movie errors have a place to be.




14. 300: The Rise Of Empire
The color of Artemisia’s Apple changes from green to red.




15 Jurassic World
A screen in the room that shows health activity.
Four people who are chasing the escaped I-Rex can’t have identical heart rates.




16. Troy
Fans are still discussing airplane mistakes in Troy, but only a few know it’s fake, because the image was photo shopped, some people think it’s removed in the final version, but if you re-watch a movie again you will see no plane.

But here’s another epic mistake of disappearing arrows on shield bend




17. Iron Man
Movie editors need to be more careful when they fix film errors, especially when they work on a blockbuster of this magnitude. Just take a look at these silly bloopers:




18. The Dark Knight
It’s hard to make a perfect movie (but who said it would be easy), some of these movie mistakes prove that people with enormous salaries did their job poorly. Look at these pictures below.

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