Top 10 Charlie Harper’s Girlfriends (Then and Now)

Top 10 Charlie Harper’s Girlfriends (Then and Now)

If you’ve seen Two and a Half Men, you know Charlie Harper has quite the list of ex-girlfriends. And, if we’re going to be honest, they’re all extremely attractive in their own way. Charlie pretty much lives every 16 year old guy’s dream, and I guess that’s why the show has become one of the most popular shows on TV. Well, that and the unique brand of comedy that brings a smile to pretty much everyone’s face.
Since Charlie is a superficial person, the most important thing about his girlfriends are their looks. Let’s use the excuse of diving into the character’s mindset to take a look at the most attractive girlfriends ol’ Charlie has gotten. For science, of course. I swear.



10. Chelsea Melini (Jennifer Taylor)
One of the first people that Charlie dated in the series. They actually got engaged, but considering this list has 9 more people in it, it’s safe to assume the relationship didn’t work out in the end.



9. Colleen (Natalie Zea)
After a night of love, Colleen falls in love with Charlie. When he answers with a “thank you”, she’s not very pleased. I guess some women are never satisfied.



8. Sissy “Didi” (Jud Taylor)
C’mon, there had to be a stereotypical dumb blonde in this list. You knew it was coming, so we might as well get it out of the way quick. Charlie regretted this one immediately, but I’m pretty sure it was only because of her intellect.



7. Kandi (April Bowlby)
You were expecting only one intellectually challenged blonde, weren’t you? C’mon, it’s Two And A Half Men. Kandi and Charlie had a relationship for a while, and after Charlie dumped her, she started dating his brother Alan.



6. Isabella (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe)
If you’re going to have sex with loads of women, you’re going to run into a really scary one sooner or later. In Charlie’s case, that would be Isabella. She’s a Satanist that wants to create a prophecy demon child with Charlie. As if children aren’t scary enough on their own, am I right?



5. Linda Harris (Ming-Na Wen)
This one actually managed to make Charlie wait to have sex. Probably because she’s a judge. I guess that’s a pretty scary thing no matter how much of a man you think you are. She’s also a part of S.H.I.E.L.D. And she used to be Chun-Li. I may be getting my fictional universes mixed up.



4. Laura Lang (Heather Locklear)
From judge to divorce attorney – why not. Laura was hired by Alan to deal with his divorce, but Charlie does as Charlie does. He screws everything up by sleeping with Laura, but how could anyone resist Heather Locklear?



3. Kate McLaughlin & Michelle (Liz Vassey)
Liz Vassey was lucky to play Charlie’s girlfriend twice. At first she played lovely Kate McLaughlin. Let’s be honest. We’d all date that one.
Later she acted Michelle, who was a dermatologist that met Charlie when removing a mole from his butt (don’t ask). After a while, Charlie found the biggest deal breaker of them all: Michelle was older. That was the end of their love story.



2. Mia Adams (Emmanuelle Vaugier)
Ever meet a ballet teacher so attractive you make your nephew take ballet lessons to meet her? Charlie did. They almost got married, and it’s very hard to argue with that decision.



1. Lisa (Denise Richards)
Obvious #1 for the simple fact that Denise and Charlie Sheen were also married in real life. That, and she’s stunning.

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