Top 7 Controversial Reality Shows

Top 7 Controversial Reality Shows

With the whole point of the reality shows to grab people’s attention for as long as it’s possible, sometimes the producer will have to cross a line or two. In this list, we’ll try to find out which reality show had the most questionable ideas. For better or for worse (usually worse) these TV shows made a huge impact on the common folk. Not saying they were brainwashed, but, admit it, to watch something as stupid as “Teen Mom” or “Toddlers and Tiaras” one should really be a TV zombie. Or extremely, unimaginably bored. Or both.
Anyway, are contestants today are…



“Jackass” (2000-2002)

I have to be honest, Jackass is the only show on this list I’ve personally watched. I’m not proud of myself, and, since I’m an adult now, I can clearly see that it’s horrible. What could gather more audience than people hurting themselves and doing tricks that defy death? Yup, that’s MTV’s “Jackass” in a nutshell. Unfortunately it not only showed human stupidity at its finest, but also made the viewers think it was “cool” to do idiotic things, like dousing yourself in gasoline and lighting up the match. Good bye, and good riddance, Jackass!



“The Swan” (2004)

What a great name, huh? Considering it’s a show about “ugly” women getting complete and total makeovers, including plastic surgeries, The Swan is far from being perfect. As one would imagine, feminists got a scent of “oppression” and tried to get it off the air. Lucky for them, the show didn’t even last that long, and was cancelled after season 2 because of extremely low ratings. Who would have thought that helping women get prettier would turn out to be such a bad idea?



“My Husband’s Not Gay” (2015-)

This is something fresh. And the title pretty much says it all, don’t you think? Here’s the premise: 4 Mormon men, married to women, were also attracted to men. What happens next? I guess they have to prove that they’re not gay? Regardless, it remains to be seen where this reality show goes from here.



“Teen Mom” (2009-2012)

“Teen Mom”, a spiritual successor of “16 and Pregnant”, had been on the air for 3 years and in those years a lot of teenage girls were made to think that pregnancy ain’t that bad. Which is a load of crap. Teens have enough on their hands without raising their own babies. Sure, it may have shown things that can go wrong when you’re a teen with a kid, but the aggressive attitude and outright stupid decisions of the young moms were actually cringe-worthy.



“Sister Wives” (2010-)

You know how that saying goes “If you love something let it go”. But what happens when you love many women and all of them love you? An ad salesman, Kody Brown, knows exactly what to do – marry all of them and father their children! It’s a fun concept, considering that polygamy is illegal in the US. The Brown family even had to engage in a court case, questioning if their situation violated the US laws. Ultimately they’ve won, but the show was already done for.



“Blachman” (2013)

If you can be easily triggered by feministic subjects, better just skip this one. I’m warning you, it’s not pretty.
Okay, so, there was this Danish series about Thomas Blachman who invited other men to discuss half-naked females. How her boobs looked like, if they had a weird shape, did she have a pretty hairdo, was she too fat. You know, guy talk. Naturally, the show raised some eye-brows with its delicate subjects and was perceived as very sexist. Needless to say, it only lasted for 1 month.



“Toddlers & Tiaras” (2009-2013)

Last, but in no way least, controversial reality show on this list may as well be called “Fat Moms Ruining Their Sweet Kids’ Lives For A Meaningless Title”, but of course, “Toddlers & Tiaras” sounds a bit catchier. Considered to be one of the most controversial shows of the XXI century and not in a good way. The show spotlights families participating in child beauty contests, with toddlers being the focus. They’d dress the kids in adult-themed costumes in hopes of winning the title. “T&T” has later spawned a spin off show – “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”, so you know it’s quality television, just like the rest of this list.

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