Top 8 Hottest Female Cartoon Babes

Top 8 Hottest Female Cartoon Babes

While there’s plenty of gorgeous women both in movies and in real life, we can all agree that there’s no such thing as ‘too many’ when we talk about pretty girls. And what about the cartoon ones? They are just as likable, hot and sassy as any other female character we might encounter on screen. Sometimes even more so! Some cartoon babes are so gorgeous, it’s impossible not to fall for them. Here’s a list of 8 gorgeous animated ladies that will make your heart race.



Holli Would (Cool World)
Holli Would is a girl who doesn’t really like being a cartoon (despite all the perks!). She’s one of the main characters in the Cool World, a live action fantasy with animated elements. With Gabriel Byrne and Brad Pitt as her co-stars, Holli Would shines throughout the whole movie, while showing off her beauty in a tight white dress.



Daphne Blake (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!)
Who doesn’t like a cute redhead? Especially when her beauty is equally matched by her intellect, which is a rare thing for most of the fictional female characters. Daphne is a 16-year-old beauty who is not afraid to venture into the unknown. She’s also braver than most of her companions!



Wonder Woman (Justice League Unlimited)
It’s hard to resist a beautiful woman who is also a superhero. That’s just too much for an ordinary viewer to handle! Wonder Woman looks incredibly yummy with her huge hair, sensual top and high boots. She’s also the only superhero who can pull off those awkward star-studded panties! A genuine Super-Heroine dominatrix!



Betty Boop
This sensual beauty has been turning heads since the early 30s, and has never lost her appeal to viewers. Betty’s creators went completely overboard with her sexy attires and sassy remarks. They even had to tone her down a bit because of the new law that apparently didn’t want cartoon characters looking too hot. And that she is – a sizzling hottie with wide innocent eyes.



Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
Who could have thought that a girl in a seashell bra would steal the hearts of millions of real-life guys? Yet it’s true! Ariel is a charming girl that is sweet, honest and innocent. She’s also in love with a prince, but when has that ever stopped anyone. She looks gorgeous under the sea rocking her fishtail, and even more beautiful on land.



Sailor Moon
A cute and somewhat silly girl ‘in real life’, Sailor Moon, also known as Usagi Tsukino, has a secret alter ego. Whenever it is needed, she turns into a superheroine and fights the forces of the darkness, which seem to never stop. And while she looks all cool kicking bad guys’ asses, there’s another side to her – Princess Serenity. Phew, this girl has a lot on her plate! Oh and yes, she gets kind of naked during all her superhero transformations.



Harley Quinn (The New Batman Adventures)
Formerly known as Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, Harley Quinn is an amazing mix of craziness, sweetness and sensuality. Yet being Joker’s girlfriend has taken its toll on her, so the ‘crazy’ part is mostly dominant. Nevertheless, Harley is a cute character that can be sassy, smart and quite likeable. Until she meets her other half that is.



Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
Jessica Rabbit is among the curviest cartoon characters that have ever been created and has become somewhat of a celebrity due to her gorgeous looks. She’s curvier than a mountain road and is not afraid to show off her incredible figure. This voluptuous woman is like the Angelina Jolie slash Pamela Anderson of the animated world!

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