Top 9 Hottest Witches From TV

Top 9 Hottest Witches From TV

Gone are the days when witches were ugly, old women with freakishly huge zits on their noses. When witches lived in the middle of the woods, brewing strangely colored potions from their way-too-large-for-one-person cooking pots. No sir, those were the witches from the old days.
Witches have, in the more recent years, shifted up the ladder of “jobs for attractive people”. Fitting the general Hollywood stereotype that everyone has to be pretty so we can all feel bad when we look in the mirror, witches have become mystical entities of attractiveness. And they still kick ass, too!
Anyway, since witches now have to be attractive, it’s only fair we do what human beings have done best for hundreds of years: for no reason whatsoever, let’s line them ‘all up and look at who’s most attractive out of the bunch.



9. Sabrina Spellman, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (Melissa Joan Hart)
She had a talking cat.



8. Tracy Davis, “Supernatural” (Ashley Benson)
Still has some pretty good skin for a 600 year old witch, doesn’t she?

7. Freya Beauchamp, “Witches of East End” (Jenna Dewan Tatum)
While being a witch might seem fun, this one dies young in every life she’s had so far.



6. Bonnie Bennett, “The Vampire Diaries” (Kat Graham)
Although she currently doesn’t have her powers anymore, we’ll allow her on this list!



5. Regina Mills, “Once Upon a Time” (Lana Parrilla)
The evil witch from all the fairy tales and mayor of a weird town!

4. Mary Sibley, “Salem” (Janet Montgomery)
She may look harmless, but she sacrificed her unborn baby to Satan to become a witch.



3. Melisandre, “Game of Thrones” (Carice van Houten)
For the night is dark and full are terrors – am I right? Technically a sorceress, but what’s the difference?



2. The sisters from “Charmed” (Alyssa Milano, Shannon Doherty, Holly Marie Combs)
These are all attractive in their own right, so it feels wrong to split them up.

1. Morgana, “Camelot” (Eva Green)
This series only lasted for a single season, but thank God for the Morgana character. Also technically a sorceress.

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