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8 Supporting Characters Who Stole the Spotlight

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5 Worst Ways Game Of Thrones Could Actually End

Will the White Walkers kill everyone and rule the seven kingdoms? Maybe we'll get a happy ending for everyone and somehow resurrect Ned Stark, Hodor, and aaaall those “good people” who died during the 8 seasons. Okay, probably not, but what would be some of the worst ways to end the story? Let's find out!

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8 Reality TV Shows That Have Gone Too Far for Rating

Reality TV shows are known to cross all possible boundaries when it comes to ratings and views. The more daring one show gets, the harder it gets for all the upcoming shows to fill the shoes of the predecessor. In order to become even more addictive and gain millions of views, screen-writers come up with a variety of over the top ideas that would seem crazy to an ordinary person. But not to them! And the funny thing is, people actually watch these shows! Here are 8 reality shows that have gone too far for rating.

10 Pretty Awesome Shows That Just Got cancelled

It's that time of year again. The time when we say goodbye to some of our favorite TV shows, because some people were not into them! Sure, this means “new possibilities” for the upcoming shows, but more often than not the cancellations come out of nowhere and the show producers can't even give their work a coherent ending. We all remember the likes of Firefly, Almost Human, and Constantine, all 3 of which were A+ TV shows, but were still cut down after the first season.

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Crazy Ways Actors Prepared For Drug Addict Roles

Many of the Hollywood stars practiced method acting at least once or twice in their career. And it's a whole other story when you need to convince the audience that you're a drug addict, even if they've never seen one. This can be especially tricky, as actors can't just do drugs all day long to see how it feels. So how do they do it?

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Top 9 Completely Unrealistic Sex Scenes In Movies

Most movies have this thing where they jam in a random sex scene for no real reason. While most of them are done pretty tastefully and some even have a place in the plot, there are sex scenes in movies that are just downright unrealistic and horrible.