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5 Movie Bloopers and Improvised Scenes that Were too Good to Cut

Here are 5 improvised movie scenes/bloopers, that made the final cut.

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Top 8 Anime Series Of The 90’s

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10 Sexy Male Villains We Can’t Get Enough Of

These ‘bad boys’ are impossible to resist and they know it, which makes them even more dangerous and attractive. Think you can resist these super hot villains? Here are 10 sexy ‘bad boys’ that will make your knees tremble.

Top 10 Movies Where The Villain Kills The Hero

Let’s take a look at some of the best movies ever made where the hero gets killed by the villain.

20 Amazing Real-Life Disney Lookalikes (Celebrity Edition)

Here are 20 celebs, mostly actors and actresses, who are the living, breathing carbon copies of your favorite Disney characters.

Top 6 Scariest Movie Endings

Some horror movies certainly know how to make the viewers poop their pants, even at the very end, after all's been said and done. So, yeah, let's check out some of the scariest horror movie finale's!

5 Reasons Why “Logan” Is The Best Wolverine Movie Ever

Check out these 5 reasons why Logan is probably the best Wolverine movie we'll get in a while!

12 Marvel Heroes Before They Turned Into Heroes

Do you ever wonder what our favorite Marvel superheroes looked like in their teens? What were they like before all the stardom and world-saving? We can’t know for sure, but what we do know is that each of them had a childhood and a period of awkward adolescence. The actors that played these characters certainly did as well! Here are 10 Marvel heroes before they became heroes.

9 Actors Who Were Drunk on Set

Quite a few films show actors having a sip of the good ol' whiskey, bourbon, wine, or whatever the script calls for. But rarely, if ever, do the viewers notice if the actors are actually smashed or just acting. I mean, if I had to repeat a scene inside a brewery time after time, I'd be pretty blitzed! Naturally, it's not always alcohol that they're drinking, and they spit everything out most of the time, relying on their own method acting skills. There are, however, instances, when the actors either come to the set already inebriated, or become that during the shooting. And here are just 9 of them.

Top 9 Oldest Actors to Play Teenagers on TV

Let's see if you can guess the age of the following actors and actresses, who played carefree teenagers on the small screen!

12 Fascinating Suicide Squad Movie Facts

Regardless if you hated or loved it, Suicide Squad is here! So would you like to hear some cool facts about this movie? Maybe something on the characters that weren't included, the Joker/Harley chemistry, and why was Batman even in this movie?

10 Actors Who Almost Died On Set

Let’s take a look at some of the most brave men and women who put their lives on the line for our entertainment.

10 Celebs Who Hate Their Own Movies

Not every movie can be the next blockbuster or instant classic, let’s face it. Celebrities work hard to become popular and rich. Sometimes they take part in awful movie projects, and even the celebrity cameo can’t save a bad movie from its epic fail. It’s not easy to be a celebrity, because as a public person you are always under pressure of society and publicity. Every single movie is nothing but team work, even if it depends on a single person, who plays a major role in the movie project. So let’s see what your favorite actors really think about their worst movies.

8 Craziest Examples of Method Acting

When we watch a movie we only see the end result of the hard work of the actors, directors, SFX magicians, and countless other vital staff members, but most of us don’t even stop and wonder “how did that guy manage to nail this character so perfectly? Maybe being an actor is easier than I thought?” Well, the short answer is “it's not”. Not easy at all, especially if you, as an actor, fully submerge yourself into the character and become one with that character.

A Guy Revisits Some of Our Favorite Movie Scenes from the Past

Phil Grishaev, a video producer from LA, has an incredibly fascinating hobby: he revisits iconic locations from his favorite flicks, while trying to recreate the same shot. This guy’s Instagram account makes for a great “before and after” compilation and I know how people love those.

6 Great Actors Who Went from ‘Harry Potter’ to ‘Game of Thrones’

Harry Potter movies, with all their magic and the Game of Thrones TV show with the dragons and the white walkers may sound like they have a lot of things in common, when really they’re entirely different worlds. But this doesn’t mean that the actors can’t appear in both series, linking Westeros and Hogwarts worlds even further.

Famous Co-Stars Who Totally Hated Each Other

Here are 14 proofs that your favorite celebs can be a-holes too.

Top 10 Hottest Aliens from Movies and TV

Usually when you hear “aliens”, you think of some nasty big-headed sectoids, or deadly xenomorphs, but that's not always the case in Hollywood. A lot of times, to scratch their pervy itch, the producers and costume designers will go out of their way to portray a certain alien race as sexy nymphos. So now let's count down the top 10 hottest aliens from movies and TV!

5 Unbelievably Sexy 90s Movies

The 90s. A decade we are getting so nostalgic about. In the 90s, most of us were kids who were thrown into the first circles of puberty's inferno. It was also a decade when highly erotic scenes started flourishing on the big screen. Of course, our parents didn't allow us to watch them. But forbidden fruit is sweet...