10 Before & After Pics of People Who Beat Anorexia

10 Before & After Pics of People Who Beat Anorexia

Let me start with saying that anorexia sucks. It’s a nasty, and potentially life-threatening, psychological eating disorder. I won’t even pretend to understand what it’s like to live with this disease, but after knowing that it can be cured with lots of tasty food, I say let me know if you need a lunch buddy, and I’ll be there! Especially if you’re buying. Anyway, there are people who have actually died of starvation because of anorexia, so, yeah it’s that serious.


Thankfully all the people in the list below have kicked this illness in the butt and managed to get to their normal weight, regaining their life and happiness along the way. Check out before and after pics of 10 brave people who beat anorexia!



1. Margherita Barbieri is a talented young dancer. She’s made a miraculous recovery, after people at the ballet school started calling her “Thunder Thighs”.



2. This is anorexic Hannah, when her BMI dropped to 11 (yeah, ELEVEN!), and this is the beautiful and healthy Hannah now.

3. Believe it or not there only 1 year difference between these shots. So remember, that no matter how bad things look, it is always possible to find happiness again.



4. Just another example that shows anorexia is no joke.



5. Meet Danny Walsh. This guy slipped into bony embrace of anorexia after becoming obsessed with football. He was training to be the best player ever but within 4 months he managed to beat the crap out of the illness and regain weight.



6. This is a textbook example of what NOT to do if you want to live: Elle Lietzow refused to have even a single drop of water, which caused a seizure a week later. Thankfully everything seems to be alright now!

7. You just can’t make this stuff up: apparently Matthew Booth was ‘dead’ for 20 minutes before he was rushed to a hospital.



8. 23 year old Linn Strömberg thought she could survive on mere 400 calories a day. This extreme diet put her in danger of suffering a heart attack! And look at her now… can you tell she’s been doing weightlifting?



9. “No more fear of doing or wearing anything that might make me look less than perfect to anyone who might be looking at me”

10. And finally, take a look at Kaitlyn Davidson, who once weighed less than 37kg! Since then she’s come a long way, and made a remarkable recovery.

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