10 Sexiest Indonesian Celebrities

10 Sexiest Indonesian Celebrities

Whenever you’re out on the streets of Jakarta or even out in a remote village, you’re gonna hear some names from this list over and over again, thinking to yourself “well, who are these people?” Thing is, the following people are basically super-famous FHM models, actresses, singers, TV presenters, and just social divas in general. And people in Indonesia are crazy about their idols!
So here we go, in no particular order, a list of 10 sexiest Indonesian celebrities. And if you have any favorites of your own, please let me know in the comments below!



Indah Kalalo
Model, sitcom actress and a presenter for Indonesian Models on Indosiar? Is there anything Indah can’t do?



Aura Kasih
This gorgeous lady was a finalist in the 2007 Miss Indonesia contest and even gained some popularity with her viral song “Mari Bercinta”.



Farah Quinn
Some people may say she looks like an AV actress with all those implants, and others may call her “the sexiest chef in the world”, but everyone should agree that Farah is a real bombshell!



Sandra Dewi
Sandra is a very popular actress, famous mostly for shooting countless TV spots for brands like Ponds, Clear and You C1000. But we’re not here to judge her career, right?


Dwi Putrantiwi
Though, FHM is not Playboy, but they’re very close, and you can see Dwi on the pages of the former.



Julia Perez (Jupe)
Jupe is a world-renowned Indonesian actress, singer, model, announcer, and political candidate. She’s also very cute



Sarah Azhari
Meet the “Paris Hilton of Indonesia”! And just like Paris. Sarah has some nudes flying around the internet



Ratu Felisha
Another stunning FHM model, who also happens to be an actress.


Cynthiara Alona
A former actress, with a few sexy photo shoots, who got featured in the FHM magazine, after her plastic surgery.



Tiara Lestari
The first Nude Playboy Model from Indonesia. That’s all you really needed to hear!

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