10 Surprising Things About ‘Frozen’ Elsa Look-Alike

10 Surprising Things About ‘Frozen’ Elsa Look-Alike

It’s been more than a year and a half since lovely Anna Faith Carlson, an 18 year old swimsuit and promo model, made the Internet explode after she posted to Instagram a cute picture of herself standing next to a cardboard cut-out of Queen Elsa from Disney’s hit “Frozen” that quickly went viral and collected more than 34 K likes. Her striking resemblance to the adorable snow beauty helped her to gain almost 700 K Instagram followers, but what does the world know about Anna Faith except that she seems to be a charming real life clone of the Disney’s animated heartthrob? If you browse her Instagram account, you can notice a lot of fascinating and sometimes unexpected stuff.






When Anna Faith isn’t dressed up in her Elsa attire, naturally the Florida-based cutie takes dozens of bikini selfies. Unlike Disney’s snow queen that can freeze everyone with her ice powers, her sizzling impersonator makes her followers melt thanks to images like these.



Anna has a tattoo on her wrist – her middle name actually – “Faith”. Very symbolic and really cute!





Elsa is unimaginable without her auburn-haired sister Anna. Luckily, Anna Faith has an extremely sweet sister Lexie Grace that is fond of impersonating a young and cheerful princess. No wonder that sometimes both girls get confused and turn around when somebody calls out ‘Anna’.





4. Kid
This is how the future Daytona Beach beauty looked a decade or so ago. Who could imagine that this nerdy angel would become a social media sensation?





Anna Faith seems to be a real fan of all kinds of doggies and she doesn’t forget to share this admiration with her Instagram followers. These pictures can make everyone jealous of fluffy tail-waggers that don’t realize how lucky they are!





We got used to Anna’s ice blue garb, but this young lady also adores pink, a color of romance, that makes Anna look extremely feminine and lovely even when it’s the color of sunburn.





7. No makeup
It’s really refreshing to see this blonde beauty without a stitch of the usual makeup on. Anna Faith looks fresh-faced and fabulous in makeup-free pictures that she posted. Now nothing can distract us from her natural good looks.





8. Hair color experiments
Sometimes Anna gets tired of her fabulous blonde ponytail. No big deal! There are endless ways to play with hair hues, though it looks like Queen Elsa’s look-alike prefers the color of her animated sister’s hair – auburn or red. It results in another transformation: Elsa becomes Ariel! Or Hipster Ariel when Anna Faith decides to experiment with bright purple streaks.





Anna’s slim athletic figure looks amazing in a cheerleader’s outfit. What if she portrayed Elsa as a cheerleader for… let’s say Icicles. It looks like a nice idea for a really intriguing cosplay!





Whoa! Judging from these Halloween pictures, Anna’s impersonating potential is not fully realized yet!

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