10 WWE Wrestlers Hired For Looks Or Wrestling Ability?

10 WWE Wrestlers Hired For Looks Or Wrestling Ability?

Ah yes, the everlasting question: which WWE female wrestlers are hired for their looks, and which actually have experience in wrestling. Well, for as much as you’d call WWE wrestling, since it’s more about the entertainment value than it’s an actual sport. Unless you’re fighting The Rock, in which case shit just got real.
Anyway, it’s safe to admit most WWE female wrestlers seem to adhere to a certain body type, which makes you wonder if this would ever get priority over the talent and abilities. Wonder no longer, because it does get priority over it. In fact, it gets priority over it many, many times. You can teach a hot chick to wrestle, but you can’t turn an ugly wrestler hot. This form of entertainment has picked its priorities. Not saying we should agree with it, but that’s how it is.
Let’s take a look at a few WWE female wrestlers and see if they were hired for their booty or their brawn.



Since her father had a career in wrestling also, Charlotte learned the trade from a very early age on. Hired for her wrestling abilities.

While Emma has been in the ring before, and she has quite a bit of wrestling experience, WWE hired her purely for her looks and hasn’t really let her shine in the roles they’ve given her. Maybe this will change, but for now she’s mainly eye candy.



Both her parents wrestled and she’s been training to enter the ring since she was 10. Hired for her wrestling ability!



Granted, she’s only a ring announcer, but she’s generally considered to be a very bad one. It’s been assumed that she was hired for her looks only, and considering WWE’s views on women, it’s very possible indeed.

Pretty much all of Natalya’s family have been in the wrestling game, so she has plenty of experience. She was hired for her fighting acumen.



Eva Marie
I mean, she was in the series Total Divas. That’s not a wrestling show, so it’s pretty obvious she was hired for her looks. Her role has even been reduced to being so bad the audience boos her off stage.



This one learned her wrestling tricks in Japan. She might look like an anime character come to life, but the girl can dish out some damage. Hired for her skills first.



Alexa Bliss
Nope, this one was a cheerleader and bodybuilder. Nothing to do with wrestling before she entered the ring. She’s vastly improved over the last few years though, so she might be a genuine addition to the roster one day. For now, she got hired for her looks.

Nikki Cross
Before she entered the WWE, she was wrestling in the UK quite successfully – sometimes under the name Nikki Storm. So yeah, she has actual experience in wrestling.



Dana Brooke
She looks good and she’s one of the worst in-ring performers out there today. Do I really need to say more? This one was hired for her looks.

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