20 Traci Hines Cosplays That Will Blow You Away

20 Traci Hines Cosplays That Will Blow You Away

A couple of years ago Traci Hines made a viral splash after posting a selfie showing herself wearing a red wig and 3-D cinema glasses. Her real-life version of the Hipster Ariel meme was featured on zillions of geeky and fandom blogs and has eventually become an indisputable Internet hit. However, Traci is not just the Ultimate Cosplay Ariel. She brilliantly impersonated more than a dozen of other popular culture characters, both female and male and offers her Instagram followers a glimpse into her insanely intense career in cosplay.




Traci was enamored with mermaids since she was a kid, and her striking resemblance to a fictional Disney princess made her the #1 Mer-star in the world of cosplay.



Zombie Ariel.
It’s amazing how this girl can be enjoyable even as a post-apocalyptic brain-eating version of the Little Mermaid.



All big eyes and wide smile, Traci looks like a perfect real-life Disney princess.



What about a Hipster Jasmine? Traci easily turns into an exotic voluptuous beauty who can make any real-life Aladdin weak in the knees.



Elsa and Anna.
It may be the first time that one person convincingly cosplays both princesses from the ‘Frozen’ movie!



Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.
Traci is amazingly prolific! She perfectly captures both a sassy and playful fairy and a mischievous boy who never grows up.



Chucky Doll.
This girl has a fun and unexpected take on the classic horror antagonist.



Harley Quinn.
Everything this cosplay chameleon does is fantastic, and her impersonation of bratty Joker’s girlfriend is no exception.



Poison Ivy.
Every part of Traci as Poison Ivy draws your attention! If Batman were a real man, it would be incredibly hard for him to resist this toxic beauty’s seductive powers.



Sailor Moon
This cosplay girl perfectly marries her femininity with an innate ability to slip into the most famous Japanese character.



Traci is a hugely diverse cosplayer, but her impersonation of this redhead hearth-throb makes her profile a must see.



Jessie from Team Rocket.
This young lady has a penchant for redhead character choices, and her cosplay of a naughty Pokemon thief is guaranteed to hold your attention.



Alice in Wonderland.
Typically for a cosplayer of her caliber, Traci adds a touch of playfulness to this impersonation of the white rabbit chaser.



This girl is unstoppable! She looks fantastic cosplaying as a female version of the nose growing wooden boy.



Mary Poppins.
Traci has created a plethora of astonishing cosplays, but her impersonation of the famous English nanny is a beautiful example of a high-class style.



Harry Potter.
Pure magic! Round glasses and Hogwarts uniform turn Traci into the most adorable wizard ever.



Cindy Lou Who.
Even Grinch would fall in love with such a beauty if he met her at a Christmas party!



Effie Trinket.
No offense, Elisabeth Banks, but this is who should have been cast as the escort for Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games movies.



Lady Gaga
To be honest, this is not an actual cosplay, but Traci rocks one of the most iconic looks of Lady Gaga in this picture.

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