21 Gorgeous Girls Randomly Spotted on the Street

21 Gorgeous Girls Randomly Spotted on the Street

Sometimes sitting at home with your pants off, means you’re missing out on all the action outside, especially if you’re single. Think of all the puppies and cats you could be petting or the new friends you could be making right now! Not to mention meeting someone special during your extended “milk run”.



Okay, so you’ve finally decided to go outside? Great! Now charge your phone, and throw in some tunes to ease the downtime, make sure your phone camera works okay, and, ideally, learn to take amazing pictures of beautiful women while the phone’s charging. You’re gonna thank me later!



Now, it’s time to go hunting. Whip out your camera or smartphone and look for your first prey. The best ones are those with juicy booties, wrapped up in tight dresses or jeans. You can always risk going for the boob shot, but that’s an advanced technique. Would not recommend it for amateurs.



Finally, when you’ve spotted that one perfect lass, snap a picture of her (preferably posing for the camera), and upload it on the internet, where people will mostly think you’re a creep, but they’ll still save that pic “for later use”. Congratulations! Now you can go home, and enjoy the rest of your day, contemplating your actions, and what you’re contributing to the society.



P.S. I hope you just looked at the pics without actually reading anything I said, because that was one awkward “article” to write. Don’t be a creep, m’kay?


Technically not a street photo, but I couldn’t resist.

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