25 Hottest Plus-Sized Models and Celebrities

25 Hottest Plus-Sized Models and Celebrities

While the media tells us that thin, slim bodies are sexy, and healthy, a lot of women know better how to attract a man. Big butts and curves are like honey, and we, men, are the flies. Let’s not kid ourselves here, not every woman out there can rock a plus-size, though, some are just fat, and that’s okay.


And since plus-sized girls keep popping up here and there, you know some of them will end up on a catwalk. That’s just how life goes. It’s been proven that bra sales are more likely to go up when they’re advertised by plus size models. No-one’s sure if we’re in the middle of setting a trend, or if it’s just a fad that will soon go away (like Pokemon Go). Whatever it is, I’m glad this trend gives women confidence in their bodies (just don’t be too confident, Mrs. Muffintop-in-yoga-pants), and hopefully one day nobody will care how any of us look.


Anyway, today I’ll show you 25 absolutely stunning, curvaceous, plus-sized models, and hopefully they will make you feel better about your hot bod!



1. Precious Victoria Lee



2. Jessica Leahy



3. Grisel Paula



4. Bianca Bombshell

5. Danika Brysha



6. Louise O’Reilly



7. Cleo Fernandes



8. Maggie Yumi Brown



9. Iskra Lawrence



10. Anita Marshall

11. Natalie Wakeling



12. Charlotte Coyle



13. Maiysha Simpson



14. Georgia Pratt



15. Mariesther Venegas



16. Mercy Watson

17. Robyn Lawley



18. Fluvia Lacerda



19. Anansa Sims



20. Barbie Ferreira



21. Saffi Karina



22. Joanne Borgella

23. Justine LeGault



24. Nadia Aboulhosn



25. Chloe Marshall

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