30 Celebs Who Are Actually the Same Age

30 Celebs Who Are Actually the Same Age

Some celebs look great at 30, 40, 50 and up, while others simply can’t, or don’t want to, keep up with the time. For example, did you know that Matthew Perry and Paul Rudd are both 47? Fourty seven, Carl! And when you compare their pictures, you’d never believe Rudd is that old, or that Perry is ONLY 47.
That stuff is bonkers, so let’s check out 30 celebs (technically 60, I guess?) who are actually the same age!



Will Smith and Terry Crews are both 48 years old. Neither of them look 48, to be honest.



Think about it, Spiderman and Hodor are of the same age!



Matt Damon and Simon Pegg – both are 46. Actually they do look 46.

Eminem and The Rock are both 44. Holy crap, Eminem is old.



I have no idea who Chelsea Handler is, to be honest.



Say what? Katie Holmes looks at least 55!



These two guys, as well… who are these people? Also, didn’t Deadpool kill Mario Lopez last year? Hmmm…



They look like twins, no joke!



One of them has a big butt, and the other one’s name is Renee.

Mind – blown!



Again, who’s the other guy? He looks like a Jean-Claude van Damme knock off.



Brad Pitt is definitely using some forbidden magic to stay young.



The best generation of actresses, IMO.



Yup, that’s the Hulk on the left. No, the other Hulk. The other other Hulk, come on!



BRB, gonna rewatch the Taxi movies real quick.

70, man. They are SEVENTY! YEARS! OLD!



Patrick Stewart still looks like he’s 30. No surprises here.



The hottest of Friends is almost 50. Time does fly fast.



You will always be our queen, Natalie Dormer. Oh, and you too, Britney, sure.



It’s all about the beard, as you can see.



Case in point.

Eva Mendes will probably never change.



Fascinating, isn’t it? Pharrell is old as hell.



Frodo is already 26? Woah!



Director Fury is almost as old as professor Xavier.



Yup, like I said – 31 year old celebs are the best!



Batman and Joker are both 44… huh.

Okay, this generation is also pretty neat.



So… many… wrinkles!



Damn, Paul Rudd looks 30 or less! Unlike Matthew Perry…

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