45 Celebrity Yearbook Photos

45 Celebrity Yearbook Photos

What if I told you that YOUR yearbook photos aren’t all that bad? Well, I won’t tell you that because pretty much everyone’s yearbook photo sessions were full of awkward moments and cringe-worthy faces about to be hit with puberty. Those yearbooks serve as a reminder that no matter where you are now in life, no matter how much you’re earning and who your friends are, you once were a kid just like the rest of us. Same thing applies to presidents, politicians, actors and other celebs, who used to be snotty little kids once, and had their photos taken in the most awkward manner possible.
So, who’s up to see some cringy yearbook photos of your favorite (or most hated) celebrities? Here we go!



Peter Dinklage
Just a reminder that the size doesn’t matter.



Chris Pratt
Whether it’s “the dude from Jurassic World” or Star Lord, Chris will always be Andy Dwyer to me.



Bill Clinton
Doesn’t he look pretty much the same today?



Zachary Quinto
Those eyebrows have always been on fleek.



Zoey Deschanel
She hasn’t changed a bit!



Mila Kunis
Meg Griffin will never looked this good.



Farrah Fawcett
Oh, hey, it’s an ancient relic.



George W. Bush
He did 9/11.



Harrison Ford
*Indiana Jones theme starts playing*



Jack Nicholson
You can’t handle the puberty!



Jeff Bridges
Dude, that’s like just your yearbook photo, you know?



Lindsay Lohan
Before she did drugs.



Way before she did anything at all.



Hillary Clinton



Oprah Winfrey
And YOU get a photo! And YOU get a photo! And YOU get a photo!



Owen Wilson
New phone. Who dis?



Steve Buscemi
At least now we know he’s always looked like Steve Buscemi.



Alec Baldwin
No, not Alan Baldwin.



Amy Adams



Amy Poehler
Leslie Knope. Future US president.



Anne Hathaway
She did well on that Catwoman role.



Blake Lively
She doesn’t look very … lively.



Channing Tatum
I wonder if we ever see him as Gambit.



Charlie Sheen
Still #winning!



Elizabeth Banks
Who’s this cutie-patootie?



Emma Stone
Even as a kid she had the looks.



Eva Longoria
And so did this girl.



Eva Mendes
And this one.



Gwen Stefani
And this cutie.



James Franco
And this.. oh, it’s James Franco. Oh well… and this one!



Lex Luthor
Also known as Jesse Eisenberg ;)



Joe Biden
Wow. He could become a male model



Louis C.K.
Wow, he was a handsome fella back in the day!



Natalie Portman
She probably had a whole harem of admirers in high-school



Pamela Anderson
Would have never guessed who this is.



Paul Rudd
One of the funniest actors out there, BTW.



Renee Zellweger
Sure, why not add her too.



Matt LeBlanc
Right before his role as Joey, I bet.



John Mayer
He’s probably a really famous guy, right?



Robert Downey Jr.
Young Tony Stark, everyone!



Sarah Palin
Turns out she’s a human too.



Sean Penn
Looks nothing like his grown-up form.



Tara Reid
Nice hair, Tara. Very 80’s.



Zac Efron
So, girls have been splooshing all over Zac since his school years, huh?



Iggy Azalea (Amethyst Kelly)
Who even names their daughter Amethyst?

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