5 Very Different, But Equally Iconic Blondes

5 Very Different, But Equally Iconic Blondes

Contrary to the unfair stereotype, women with fair hair have actually better IQ than brunettes and redheads. According to a recent study conducted at Ohio State University, the average IQ of natural blondes is 103.2 while brunettes can boast of having only 102,7. Gingers rank third with the average 101.2 score. This is why the popular prejudice that blondes are ‘dumb’ is nothing but stupid. Of course, they are not smarter than others, but you can say with certainty they are not any dumber. The compelling results of the study offer us a different perspective and a more complete view on the blondes who’ve shaped the popular culture.
While the ‘dumb blonde’ jokes may seem harmless to someone, the stereotype can have a real-life impact on education, hiring, and career promotion. When it comes to Hollywood and show business in general, fair hair has never been an obstacle. On the contrary, it was a golden ticket that could open many doors. However, it is to a large extent Hollywood’s exploitation of the ‘blonde bimbo’ image that is to blame for diminishing intellectual abilities of women with blonde hair. This is why we didn’t put Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot on the list because their on-screen personas rather further widened the abyss of public ignorance towards blondes that resulted in oversexualization and oversimplification of the fair hair gene bearers. The women on this list have manages to overcome the obstacles of being a typical blonde in the deadly mire of show business.



Veronica Lake
Better known for her femme fatale roles in film noirs of the 1940s era, she popularized the so-called peek-a-boo hairstyle – a cascade of golden locks that obscured her heavy lidded eye. Of course, there had to be more to her iconic status than just that ‘dangerous’ hairstyle. A kitten with a demon’s soul on the silver screen, Veronica got the reputation of a very difficult person to work with. She suffered from schizophrenia and considered acting as a treatment. Unfortunately, in addition to heavy drinking. The poisonous combination eventually brought her career to disruption.



Grace Kelly
Elegant, smart, and refined, Grace Kelly was more than just a Hitchcock blonde. Renowned for her extraordinary yet modest beauty and one-of-a-kind acting talent, she got swept up in a romance with the Monaco prince and eventually became the world’s most charming princess – the status that only Diana, Princess of Wales, managed to challenge. Just like Diana’s magical life, Grace Kelly’s fairy tale story ended in tragedy. She died in an accident at the age of only 52 – she had a stroke and lost control of the car while driving a narrow, mountain road.



Catherine Deneuve
A natural brunette, the French icon, however, brought a series of both smart and sexy blondes to the screen. Her beauty is a combination of second-to-none natural seductiveness and angelic grace. As opposed to the overwhelming sensuality of Brigitte Bardot, Catherine was a siren who oozed charm. Even playing a prostitute in ‘Belle de Jour’, she remained a style icon, a fallen angel whose beauty left the audience mystified. She has also proven that being a sex symbol doesn’t equal showing a lot of skin.



Debbie Harry
The pop music’s ultimate sex and style icon, Debbie Harry worked her way up from a Playboy bunny to one of the most badass punk frontwomen. With her iconic pout, bleached tresses, and edgy outfit choices, the Blondie’s lead singer became symbol of the 70s. But she has always been (and still is) much more than that. The living embodiment of revolution, Debbie crossed the limits like no other woman of her generation. For example, besides being labeled as the Punk Queen, she is credited as the first rapper to chart at No. 1 in the US with her extended rap sequence from Rapture in 1981.



Jennifer Lawrence
Internationally known for her role of brown-haired Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence could boast of having natural blonde hair in films like American Hustle and Joy. The Oscar winner might be only 25 years old, but her iconic status is getting more and more undeniable. Her impressive ability to excel genuine role projections, her candid responses and unique sense of humor have made her an all-America sweetheart. Her story is to be continued.

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