7 Reasons Every Man Should Date A Latina At Least Once In His Life

7 Reasons Every Man Should Date A Latina At Least Once In His Life

According to some of the latest polls, Americans prefer Latinas when it comes to dating. But why is it so? Why don’t they love their fancy LA women more? Well, when it comes to passion, loyalty, and sex, you won’t find a better partner than a hot-headed Latina. And have you ever seen how gorgeous they look? Holy hell, Batman!
Now, let’s look at all the reasons you need to date a strong and independent Latina. And let me know in the comments if any of these reasons are true for you personally!



Embracing femininity
The Latinas love being sexy and take tremendous pride in their femininity, and tend to stay true to who they are. Almost always wearing something sexy, or maybe it’s just that everything looks hot on them, be it high heels, a tank top, or a pair of old sneakers. Not to mention their long shining hair, full lips and… um, other feminine attributes.



Boldness and dominance
Let’s just say if you can’t handle their fiery, passionate spirit or their jealousy, the Latinas will chew you up and spit you out. However, if you demonstrate true dominance, and show her who’s the boss, she will go from a rabid badger to a fluffy kitten right away. You always have to bring your A game, otherwise you’ll regret even trying to make this relationship work.



Okay, this one’s pretty self-explanatory and doesn’t need much context. If you like homemade Latin-American food, that’s all you’ll be getting. But whatever you do, do NOT criticize their cooking skills. Remember, they’re the ones holding the knife in this relationship. Oh, and also never say “where did your sister learn to make that amazing Salsa”, because you’re probably not gonna survive that “hurricane Latina”.



The way they dance and move
Speaking of Salsa, (no not the sauce, the dance) it is an easy way to get close to a Latina. If you can hide your boner that is. Or embrace it during the dance trance, who am I to judge? Salsa is basically like a mating dance for them, and they’ll easily hypnotize you with their sexy moves.



Okay, Latinas can forgive a lot of stuff if they love you, but you’re dead if do any funny business on the side. They take commitment to a whole new level: they’re not just loyal to you—they will ride or die for you. As awesome as this may sound, sometimes it can be a nuisance. Like when you don’t tell them everything you did today, they may take it personally and start to question your trust in them as your woman.



One of the best things about dating Latina women is a huge amount of fun you can have with them. Latina women are incredibly energetic and lively. They like to go out. They can be restless and they do know how to have fun!



Beast between the sheets
Last, but by no means least – sex. Having sex with a Latina will probably change your life. They live to please you in any way they can, and have an insatiable desire to be dominated. It’s safe to say that once you’ve been ridden by a passionate Latina, you will never go back to dating your usual LA girls.

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