8 Reasons Rihanna and Drake are so Incredibly Hot Together

8 Reasons Rihanna and Drake are so Incredibly Hot Together

It seems that Rihanna and Drake have been all over the news lately, although they haven’t done anything in particular apart from, well, being just awesome together. Many compare them to Jay Z and Beyonce, and while we don’t really know where this union will take the two stars, one thing is for sure – they look so damn hot together! Here are a few reasons why millions of fans adore this couple.



Their chemistry is amazing.
This is what usually happens when people are good-looking and in love, but it is still amazing to watch these two just be so hot for each other. You can’t ignore the chemistry between Rihanna and Drake even if you try to! Have you seen the way they dance together? Get a room, you two!



They are really private about their relationship.
This is actually a good thing, if you come to think about it. If you have something real with another person and you treasure it, you don’t want anyone meddling with this magic. Just as Bey and Jay Z used to be, Rihanna and Drake are pretty secretive about what they do and where they go. Only paparazzi manage to catch some glimpses of their time spent together!



The two are really successful.
Rihanna and Drake are both equally good at what they do. And that’s really hot! RiRi is currently traveling the world with her Anti tour, while Drake’s new album Views is taking over the charts. Plus he’s also preparing to go on a tour of his own. Their songs are everywhere and if this is not success then we don’t know what is.



They create truly magical music together.
Drake and Rihanna have become really successful each in their own way, yet they have teamed up a few times to produce some really powerful hits that have doubled their popularity (if that’s even possible). When this duo hits the studio – magic happens! “Too Good”, “Work”, “What’s My Name”, and “Take Care” prove that statement to be true.



Drake mentions RiRi in his songs.
Drake is known to mention all his girls in the lyrics of his songs, yet it is somehow different with Rihanna. In one of this latest hits called “Hype” he sings “You cannot be right here next to me/ Don’t you see RiRi right next to me?” This is both cute and hot at the same time.



The two appear on each other’s social media.
Although Drake and RiRi are notoriously private about their relationship, sometimes they grace each other’s Instagram accounts. Not so long ago Rihanna told the story of a fan who passed away. She was introduced to the girl by Drake himself. RiRi posted a heartwarming message with a photo of the trio. This is incredibly kind and sweet!



RiRi and Drake have their own empires.
Music is not the only thing these two are good at. Rihanna is spending much of her time exploring the fashion industry and has collaborations with world known designers like Manolo Blahnik. She has her own line of clothing and a perfume line as well. Drake is also into fashion and has his own brand named OVOXO with shops all over the country.



Drake is still trying to win RiRi over.
Rihanna is not an easy girl to please and Drake has stated more than once that the beauty from Barbados has broken his heart. Yet he doesn’t plan on giving up, and the way we see it, Rihanna really appreciates everything that he’s doing! We can only wish them happiness.

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