9 Latina Celebs Hotter Than Sofia Vergara

9 Latina Celebs Hotter Than Sofia Vergara

Let me just say that Sofia Vergara is way too hot to be real, but, apparently she a living, breathing Latina sex symbol. So here’s the question: is there someone hotter than her? Assuming you’ve read the title, you’ll see where I’m going to. Yes, there are at least 9 Latina celebs who are even sexier than Sofia. Some of them are models, other are actresses, or singers. Either way, with a list like this, everyone’s a winner!
Here are 9 Latina babes who might give Sofia Vergara a run for her money!



1. Alessandra Ambrosio
Alessandra is a Brazilian Victoria’s Secret Angel, and, generally, one of the sexiest women on Earth. She may not know how to sells that sexy underwear, but holy hell, can she flaunt it like a boss. Not to mention her countless bikini photoshoots. And, of course, as it is with every hot gal, Alessandra is already married and has two kids. Yeah, look at that body, and believe it!



2. Jessica Alba
I first saw Alba in that 90’s Dark Angel series, and, goddamit, it was love at first sight… Wait, is it still okay to have a crush on a TV character today, or is it considered weird? Anyway, yeah, Jessica Alba. Man, where do I start. She’s probably been on every “TOP 10 HOTTEST” list ever. Oh, and that scene in Fantastic Four? Brilliant way to sexualize Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman. That’s all you need to know. Vergara doesn’t stand a chance.

3. Adriana Lima
Aside from being the most gorgeous, divorced (!!!) mother of two, Adriana Lima was proclaimed the “most valuable” Victoria’s Secret model of 2017. Which basically means she has the strongest following and presence on social media. By the time she was 18 years old, she was already a Victoria’s Secret Angel. So you know this beauty belongs here.



4. Michelle Rodriguez
You may have seen Michelle Rodriguez as Letty in the Fast and Furious movies (which is 16 years old, BTW). She is the kind of a crazy (but hot) chick you don’t want to mess with. With hobbies like tactical gun training and skydiving, I’d definitely not want to mess with her.



5. Eva Mendes
I call her the Latina Marilyn Monroe (because of that sexy mole, obviously). This Cuban-American hottie is in her 40’s, but looks like she’s 25. Eva Mendes is definitely a bombshell Latina with all the required prerequisites! Maybe she’s not the greatest actress in Hollywood, but who are we to judge her *stares at her pics for 10 minutes*?

6. Shakira
The hottest Colombian singer out there with hips that don’t lie, would also like to challenge Vergara! Fans love her live gigs, as well as her incredible “wild” voice. On the stage Shakira combines Latin moves with a raunchy, saucy, and sexy belly dancing. Believe it or not, she’s got two kids already and she’s not even married. And just to prove how hot she is, Mattel put out hot Barbies based on her stunning body and face. This woman is a national treasure!



7. Zoe Saldana
Unless you’re one of the 2 and a half people who have not seen James Cameron’s Avatar, the new Star Trek movies, OR the Guardians of the Galaxy, you have no idea who Zoe Saldana is. And you should be ashamed. Zoe is a sizzling-hot Dominican/Puerto Rican actress who is equally sexy and talented. She’s totally down-to-earth too, constantly reminding the fans she is a sci-fi geek. What’s not to like?



8. Selena Gomez
Remember when Selena Gomez was relevant? Awww, that was like 5 years ago and lasted for maybe 2 months. But, anyway, this list is not about having talent, it’s about the looks. And like it or not, Selena is one hot momma! She’s a kind of sultry, slightly innocent hot girl that every guy loves. The perfect girl-next-door. Oh, and she’s only 24, so maybe by the time she’s 40, she’ll be famous for something else!

9. Eva Longoria
The one and only, (possibly) the hottest Latina in existence – Eva Longoria, aka the most desperate of all the housewives. Recently, she did a photoshoot for S&M magazine, complete with a whip, skimpy leather outfits, and a ba-a-a-ad attitude. Go on, Google that; you don’t need to thank me.



So who do you think is the hottest of these 10 (Sofia Vergara included, of course)? Let us know in the comments!

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