Curvy Black Cosplayer Makes The Internet Go Wild!

Curvy Black Cosplayer Makes The Internet Go Wild!

In the spirit of «Black History Month», many cosplayers are doing black characters from games, movies, and cartoons. So, are you into cosplay? Or women with curves? Chances are, since you’re reading this, you must be into one or the other. Can’t blame you, just look at this 21-year-old Instagram celebrity Kiera !

Either way, Kiera’s been taking the Internet by storm these past few weeks, getting that #28DaysOfBlackCosplay hashtag out there. It seems as regardless of whoever (or whatever) she’s cosplaying, she pretty much nails their image, as even the smallest details of her costumes are truly impressive. Let’s see some of her best looks, and for more updates, go visit her Instagram page. Let’s go!



1. Sadness From Inside Out



2. Lana Kane From Archer



3. Juuzou Suzuya From Tokyo Ghoul



4. Stevonnie From Steven Universe

5. Chel From The Road To El Dorado



6. Garnet From Steven Universe



7. Lottie Person From Snotgirl



8. Nani Pelekai From Lilo & Stitch



9. Melpomene From Hercules



10. Penny Proud From The Proud Family

11. Korra From The Legend Of Korra



12. Storm From X-Men



13. Beret Girl From An Extremely Goofy Movie



14. Louise Belcher From Bob’s Burgers



15. Hermione From Harry Potter



16. Doodlebob From Spongebob

17. Kida Nedakh From Atlantis: The Lost Empire



18. Zipporah From The Prince Of Egypt



19. Kim from Kim Possible

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