Dolly Cohen – the greatest mouth-jeweler ever! Get Ya Grillz On!

Dolly Cohen – the greatest mouth-jeweler ever! Get Ya Grillz On!

A grill is that type of jewelry worn over the teeth. Many of us may think it’s something new, but hip-hop culture has existed since late 70s and Hip hop’s golden age gave rappers things which they have today, I mean nothing really changed at all. All these fashion things are just another throw-back. If you are the 90’s kid you probably know everything about grillz. Mostly they were popularized by southern rappers.
Now everyone who’s on the rise wants to showcase his crazy swagger. Yep, diamonds in the mouth makes rap stars shine so bright, that someone needs to turn the lights out, for real.
But since rap music became more mainstream, every hip hop mogul needs some grillz, some of the most expensive ish one can afford.



Let’s talk about grillz, usually they’re made of gold inlaid with precious stones. That’s why ones teeth cost more than a house, no diggity!



Dolly Cohen is a female version of Johnny Dang. But she’s that type of jeweler who can give you something custom, unique and extra expensive. Oh, man some of these are not just grillz, they look like a real masterpiece.

Among her clients we can find a lot of famous names, such as: A$AP Rocky, M.I.A., Rita Ora, Drake, Rihanna and many others. Till this moment you didn’t know her name, but definitely you would become a fan. The unmistakable concept of her collection is infantile glamour. She created this bizarre Hannibal Lecter-like grills for Givenchy.
She turned grillz into the one of the hottest trends of this year.



Dolly makes grills down to a science, that’s why they look great and fit perfectly.
Attention please, now everybody who’s trill show your grill!
Let’s take a look the most fascinating images of the illest grillz ever. Hell Yeah!

Guess who?



Some of these will make you feel like a king , royalty over everything

Here are typical #gangstagrillz



Bad ass girls must have some of these



All gold everything, nah mean?



Asap Rocky

Chanel Iman

Special for Carine Roitfeld’s Fashion book

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