Mama June’s Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation

Mama June’s Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation

Remember the “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” show? I personally have never watched a full episode, but, you know what they say “you don’t have to slurp the entire bucket of crap to know it’s crap”. Regardless, the show ended, and the “actors”, including Mam June, Boo Boo’s mom, went back to their regular life. Recently, however, Mama June has been all over the news and TV because of her weight loss journey, which is a great thing! It takes a lot of work to lose weight, especially when you look almost like a manatee. No offense to the manatees. Anyhow, Mama June worked extremely hard to get rid of all that blubber, and it’s nothing short of impressive.

June wanted to get on that weight loss train for years, but it’s not as easy as it seems, but now you can see her transformation on almost every media outlet. She said in one interview that her goal is to drop down from size 12 to a size 4, which might sound impossible at first, but holy shit look at the results so far!



Granted, Mama June still has a way to go, but you can’t tell me losing 100-something pounds isn’t astonishing. You can see her getting more confident with her body as she appears on talk shows and stuff.



She started her weight loss journey at 460 pounds, and right now, it’s simply unbelievable how far Mama June has come. Wish overweight people (including yours truly) were more like her, honestly, but that’s fine. We all make our choices, and seems like Mama June is sick and tired of hauling all that extra weight around.

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