The Prettiest Gamer Girls

The Prettiest Gamer Girls

The times when video games were just a boys club are dead and gone! But the idea, that girls, who play video games professionally, look ugly and have no personal life, is still pretty common nowadays. This list of the cutest gamer girls is called to prove that hot female gamers exist not only in your dreams.



GirlGoneGamerThe first girl on the list is Raya aka GirlGoneGamer. She has more than a half million subscribers on her Youtube channel. Even though her latest videos feature her doing random stuff not related to video games, she started out as a video game streamer, that’s why we have reasons to consider her as a gamer girl.

If you check out her early videos on her Youtube channel, you’ll notice that she is into Black Ops 2 and Halo 4. And a lot of guys got pwn noobed by her during gaming tournaments back in the days.

Nonetheless lots of guys are willing to watch her non-gaming videos, because she looks pretty, she’s cute and kind of funny.



SSSniperWolfThe next girl is SSSniperWolf. 22-year-old Lia, or SSSniperWolf has over one million subscribers which is not surprising, as not only her videos are interesting to watch but her body is also a good thing to drool over.

The girl’s favorite games are Call of Duty and Metal Gear Solid, but she also plays Grand Theft Auto V, Destiny, and other games.

SSSniperWolf is into anime and video game cosplays. They’re so gorgeous you wont’t be able to break away from these photos.



Kaitlyn RichelleKaitlyn is a popular streamer and StarCraft II player. Canadian cutie makes tons of cash as a video game streamer. Also, she participated in numerous StarCraft tournaments and won many matches.

Moreover, Kaitlyn holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering, so you can’t call her a typical blondie from Youtube.



Melonie MacThe next girl on our list is lovely Melonie Mac. Melonie likes to call herself a “grown-up professional child” which means she’s into all the cool stuff that 90% of guys love. This fact alongside her adorable appearance makes her a perfect girlfriend any man would like to date.

It seems like Melonie plays all kinds of games starting from Tomb Raider and Resident Evil to Heroes of the Storm and World of Tanks.

To all aforesaid, the girl is also a huge anime fan. Who could have thought nerds can be so attractive?



Tara BabcockTara Babcock may look like a real adult movie actress, but you shouldn’t be deceived by her appearance. She’s actually a hardcore Starcraft 2 gamer who pwn noobs everyday.

It’s a good thing you can’t see your real-life opponent when you play PVP, cause with her as your opponent it would be hard to concentrate on the game.

Tara has something that can distract even the most dedicated gamers from the monitor.



Dizzy KittenIt’s impossible not to love Dizzy. She looks so sweet, her videos are rather interesting and she always cares for her community.

Even though she acts silly sometimes, she does it in such a cute way, that you fall for her immediately.



ZombiunicornNatalie Casanova aka Zombiunicorn is pink-haired hottie who makes witty streams about Sims and Minecraft.

This girl has great looks, gorgeous body and an exceptional sense of humor. Her videos are extremely hilarious and full of fun.




Legendarylea is one of the cutest girls in gaming world. She plays various games, but her favorite one is CS:GO. Lea also is a fan of cosplays.



Miss RageIn conclusion, the last but not least, Miss Rage. No words can describe the cuteness level of this hardcore gamer. One can sit and watch videos with her for hours (most of guys actually do so).

She is a big fan of CS:GO. She spends hours playing and streaming this game

And this is how her face looks right after she pawned you, noob. Oops…

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