Stylish Grandpa Takes Internet by Storm

Stylish Grandpa Takes Internet by Storm

Say hello to the most stylish grandpa on Earth – Günther Anton Krabbenhöft. This chic gentleman has recently gone viral on multiple social media web sites and rightfully so! The 70-year-old geezer (he’s not really 104, as other sites have claimed) definitely wore it best. What’s “it” you may ask? The pants, the hat, the shades, even his socks – you name it! Is it all in the genes? If not, who taught him which clothes to combine and which colors go together?


He claims this is how he’s always been dressing to work, to the gym, when he was going for a coffee with friends. If that’s true, he must have made a lot female friends in his youth.


“I want to look at myself with joy. It’s also always a reflection of my inner self” said Günther to the street style blogger from who first noticed him at the train station in Berlin, wearing a red bowler hat, a yellow bow tie and maroon leather driving gloves.


The hipster old-timer may have single-handedly coined the phrase “did it before it was cool” when he was younger. Hopefully more people will follow Günther’s example and wear the hell out of their stylish garbs! While fashion and style are extremely subjective terms, we can all agree that this guy looks incredible.


Since the time he got noticed by the blogger, Günther’s been posting more and more pictures of himself and his attire on Facebook. Here are just some of his best looks:















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