World’s 10 Most Unusual Bodybuilders

World’s 10 Most Unusual Bodybuilders

When you think “bodybuilder”, you probably imagine a bulky man or a woman, nothing too out of the line, right? But have you ever wondered about things like “how old is the oldest bodybuilder”, or “can someone who’s missing a limb or two become a bodybuilder”? Most likely you haven’t, which is great, because it means you’re in for some mind-altering, and awe-inspiring stories!
People have always said “the mind is the limit”. And seeing these 10 incredible people, I’m 100% certain you can overcome almost any ordeals, if you put your mind to it. So, check out this list of world’s 10 most unusual bodybuilders!



Barbie Steinsholt Thomas
Barbie Steinsholt lost both her arms in a freaky accident when she was just a toddler. Her entire life she’s been living without this commodity that we all take for granted, but that only made her stronger. Literally. That’s how she found her love for bodybuilding, and has been kick ass in that department for over a decade now!



Amanda Loy
Amanda Loy, aka the Tiny Titan, from Scottsdale, Arizona, says she’s a “fun-sized” human, and at 4 feet tall and weighing 72 pounds, sure does sound fun-sized. In 2014, she became the first female little person to step onto an NPC stage.

Nick Scott
Diagnosed as a paraplegic in 1998, Nick’s doctors told him he would never walk again. So, naturally, he started working out in his wheelchair, which gave him a lot of weird stares, I’d imagine. But in the end he persevered, dropped 120 pounds, and officially became a professional bodybuilder!



Mark Smith
Mark lost his leg in 2011, during a training mission in Afghanistan. That alone can ruin a man’s life. But when he heard about the Pure Elite tournament for disabled athletes, he got that boost of motivation, and decided to set a good example for his children, as well as make something of himself. He’s been working hard, and it certainly paid off. Just look at him!



Matt Kroczaleski / Janae Marie
Janae Marie, formerly known as Matt Kroczaleski, the world champion powerlifter, came out as a transgender woman and surprised the world. She describes herself as both “transgender” and “gender fluid”, saying that she’s an “alpha male, girly girl, lesbian in a male body”.



Hasan Banks
Hasan is a 35 year old amateur competitor from Clearwater, Florida, who was diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 7. This basically means he won’t be able to control his muscle control during voluntary movements, such as walking or picking up objects. Which is a death sentence to any bodybuilder out there, but Hassan refuses to give up!

Ray Moon
Ray Moon at the age of 86 is the world’s oldest competitive bodybuilder! Most people in their 80’s would either be retired or having a heart attack, but Ray is pumping irons, and making gains.



Edith Wilma Connor
Here’s the world’s oldest female bodybuilder – Edith Connor. Edith is 80, and she got into fitness as a hobby about 20 years ago, and that’s when she discovered powerlifting. Edith Connor is not just a regular bodybuilder, she is also a certified personal trainer specializing in “the mature body.”



Aditya Dev
You’ve most likely seen Aditya Dev’s pictures on the internet. He’s suffered from Primordial Dwarfism, which made him the smallest bodybuilder ever. He was 2’9″ tall and weighed only 22 lbs. He was forced to work out with specially designed weights. Unfortunately, Aditya passed away in 2012 due to a brain aneurysm.

Meet the weirdest bodybuilder on the planet – Sasha aka Shpak. He loves tinkering with his body, which usually involves something more than just exercise and gains. He’s full-on modifying his bulky bod. Cosmetic surgeries, steroids, tattoos, fangs, silicone chest implants, teardrop-shaped nipples… You name it – he’s done it! And, believe it or not, he’s actually married, which means each one of us has a chance in this life!

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