World’s Heaviest 10-Year-Old

World’s Heaviest 10-Year-Old

Imagine a regular 10-year-old boy: could be your cousin, or your friend’s kid or your neighbor. Now, how much does he weigh? Approximately 20-30 kg, right? Well, now imagine him at 192 kg and you’ll get why Arya Permana, from West Java Province in Indonesia, is on every reputable news outlet out there.



This morbidly obese boy has been put on a crash diet because his mother fears the worst. Not to mention he’s become so big he can only wear a sarong, as no clothes will fit him. Arya eats 5 meals a day that include fish, rice, veggies, beef and soy patties large enough to feed two adults, yet his mother claims he’s still perpetually hungry. Poor kid had to drop out of school as he was unable to get there on foot.



Arya’s mom uses a small pool out the front of their home to bathe the boy for a couple of hours every day. Thank science for buoyancy! Of course, he still complains about shortness of breath and always being tired. Who wouldn’t be with proportions like that? Thankfully, the crash diet consisting of brown rice and water should help Arya slim down, if he can handle it.



Several doctors in their village in Cipurwasari have looked at Arya’s morbid condition, but surprisingly, none of them could find anything abnormal about his weight. The parents were told to visit city doctors, but the family does not have enough money to afford a fancy treatment, as they’re already in debt to their neighbors for borrowing money and food.
Hopefully this post will help Arya and his parents by turning attention to this whole situation, but for now let’s hope he gets better sooner than later.

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