10 Creepiest Unsolved Murders in History

Murderers have been living among us since the dawn of time, hiding in plain sight, mingling with the rest of us

10 Celebrities With Weird Hobbies That Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Here’s famous people out there that have some pretty odd hobbies. It truly shows that having unusual pastimes is no longer an obstacle for success. You might be surprised to find out what it is these famous people do when they aren’t going around being famous and stuff.

10 Millionaires That Have Changed the World

Most of the world famous geniuses became wealthy as a result of their incredible ideas, not because they purposefully wanted to become rich. These people were inventors, engineers, and revolutionists in various fields of science and economics. They believed in themselves and that’s what made them truly successful. Here are 10 millionaires that have changed the world.

30 Celebs Who Are Actually the Same Age

Some celebs look great at 30, 40, 50 and up, while others simply can't, or don't want to, keep up with the time. For example, did you know that Matthew Perry and Paul Rudd are both 47? Fourty seven, Carl! And when you compare their pictures, you'd never believe Rudd is that old, or that Perry is ONLY 47.That stuff is bonkers, so let's check out 30 celebs (technically 60, I guess?) who are actually the same age!

9 Celebrities Who Are Battling Chronic Diseases

It is true that stars can get ill just like the rest of us and some of them are quite vocal about their diseases, yet others prefer to keep their health problems a secret. They may be gorgeous-looking, rich and famous, but when it comes to chronic diseases, all human beings are just the same. Here’s a list of celebrities who are struggling with chronic diseases while leading active lives as actors, actresses and performers.

Stylish Grandpa Takes Internet by Storm

Say hello to the most stylish grandpa on Earth – Günther Anton Krabbenhöft. This chic gentleman has recently gone viral on multiple social media web sites and rightfully so! The 70-year-old geezer (he

Daredevil Brian Mosbaugh

Brian Mosbaugh is the most hype-realistic, thrill-seeker you will ever find. This guy’s absolutely fearless, I mean this guy has balls so big you’d need a wheel barrow to carry them around. His amazin

5 Girls-With-Food Accounts You’ve Got To See

Over the past few years, “snackwave”, a trend intended to celebrate junk food as an antithesis to the unhealthy media obsession with the healthy food culture-turned-religion, has become an alternative

Hyper-Realistic Superhero Bodyart by Argenis Pinal

Today’s Instagram celebrity is an incredibly gifted makeup artist Argenis Pinal, who, unlike Laura Jenkinson, uses entire bodies to make comic book heroes and heroines come to life. Naturally, it take

7 Reasons Every Man Should Date A Latina At Least Once In His Life

According to some of the latest polls, Americans prefer Latinas when it comes to dating. But why is it so? Why don't they love their fancy LA women more? Well, when it comes to passion, loyalty, and sex, you won't find a better partner than a hot-headed Latina. And have you ever seen how gorgeous they look? Holy hell, Batman!

20 Traci Hines Cosplays That Will Blow You Away

A couple of years ago Traci Hines made a viral splash after posting a selfie showing herself wearing a red wig and 3-D cinema glasses. Her real-life version of the Hipster Ariel meme was featured on z

Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Cara Delevingne

What are the first things that come to your mind when you hear the name Cara Delevingne? Brezhnev-style eyebrows, extremely pretty face, which is often grimaced, and the fact that she is a Victoria’s

The Prettiest Gamer Girls

The times when video games were just a boys club are dead and gone! But the idea, that girls, who play video games professionally, look ugly and have no personal life, is still pretty common nowadays.

5 Beautiful Teen Daughters Of Legendary Fathers

Every daughter with a famous dad is destined to catch public interest and live beneath the limelight her dad has been under for years. However, there are men that happened to become movie, TV or rock

The Atlas of Beauty

For the last two years Mihaela Noroc has been traveling the world to photograph women of diverse cultures and ethnicities for her project called The Atlas of Beauty. The results so far have been breat

Amazing Cartoon Lip-Art By Laura Jenkinson

London-based make-up artist Laura Jenkinson is a new star out at Instagram. She draws famous cartoon characters using her chin as a canvas. She also uses her lips and teeth as those of painted charact

Actors Who Are Unexpectedly Good Singers

It always seems quite logical when singers turn into actors. It’s like the next step in their career, and it’s pretty easy for singers to act on stage or screen as they freely express their emotions s

The Paolo Look Of Perfection

Paolo Ballesteros is 32-year-old Filipino actor and the preeminent international makeup artist of his time.  wow! EATBULAGA MOBILE! ❤️ download na mga dabarkads! #makeuptransformation #transf

10 Surprising Things About ‘Frozen’ Elsa Look-Alike

It’s been more than a year and a half since lovely Anna Faith Carlson, an 18 year old swimsuit and promo model, made the Internet explode after she posted to Instagram a cute picture of herself standi

15 Music Stars Before They Became Famous

Who knew Eminem looked like an average dorky white kid when he was young?

21 Gorgeous Girls Randomly Spotted on the Street

Sometimes sitting at home with your pants off, means you're missing out on all the action outside, especially if you're single. Think of all the puppies and cats you could be petting or the new friends you could be making right now! Not to mention meeting someone special during your extended “milk run”.