Las Vegas Through the Years (1905-2017)

Las Vegas wasn't always this neon oasis we know and love today. Just over a hundred years ago Las Vegas was nowhere to be seen, instead, there was sand, and sand, and more sand, and maybe some cacti. After all it's called Mojave desert for a reason, right?Let's take a look at how it all started, and follow its development...

5 World’s Most Bizarre Theme Parks

Theme parks are great, I love watching people have fun, but sometimes these parks get really out of hand. Take Disneyland for example: it's colorful, and epic, and fun, and there are all these familiar characters. One of the best places on earth, if you're a Disney fan. On the other end of the theme park spectrum we have stuff like “Hershey Park”, and “Diggerland”. Digger-what now? Are they serious?Whatever, let's just pay a visit to these 5 world's most bizarre theme parks, and see, if we can still have fun in them!

Top 18 Most Visited Cities In The World

Don’t we all love to travel? About once or twice every year, people get this general idea that literally anywhere else would be the best place in the world. But which cities get visited the most? It’s not that easy a question to answer as you’d think! Just kidding, it totally is...

10 Places You Must Visit Before They Disappear

Don't waste your opportunity, and go see at least these 10 places before they are no more.

The Last Standing Tribes of Earth

British photographer Jimmy Nelson spent the past three years visiting the most hard to access places on the planet to capture mind blowing photos of the last surviving tribes on Earth, and here are some images from the full series available on Amazon that will make you question your privileges.

If You’re Traveling And See A McDonald’s, Hop In And Eat These Things

Turns out McDonald’s restaurants have different kinds of food depending on the country you’re in, so it might be worth your while to take a look inside and try eating one of these things instead of your trusty ol’ Big Mac.

10 Most Crazy Colored Places on Earth

Here are 10 of the most colorful places in the world.

18 Fascinating Facts about Indonesia You Never Knew

Indonesia is a huge and beautiful country, which has rich and fascinating history. Here is the list of 18 interesting facts about this amazing country.

Top 10 Capitals of Islamic Culture: From Kuala Lumpur & Singapore to Jakarta & Dhaka

Discover more about 10 of Islamic culture which made a great contribution to the Islamic world and beyond.

19 Stupefying Natural Wonders You Can Find Right Outside your Window

Now, let’s see those 19 natural wonders you can find right outside your window, if you’re lucky enough.

14 Ageless Architectural Masterpieces Scattered All Over the World

Did you know that of all the 7 Wonders of the World, only 1 still stands today? It's the Great Giza Pyramids, by the way. But did you also know there are dozens if not hundreds of other ageless architectural masterpieces that deserve our attention too? Let's take a short journey and check out these 14 gorgeous locations all over the world!

10 Beautiful Beaches That You Should Avoid

If you’re looking for a place to go on holiday and really relax, you might want to avoid these good-looking but wickedly dangerous beaches.

25 Before and After Photos of Famous Cities

Here are 25 photos of the world’s most spectacular cities before and after.

15 Before & After Pics Of Aleppo

Another 20,000 people are thought to have been displaced from Aleppo. This place used to be a popular tourist destination, it now is a horrible mess, full of ruined houses, schools, malls, and whatever else got in the way of Russian bombers.

Snow Falling In The Sahara Desert is Oddly Satisfying

The first time snow fell in the Sahara desert was back in February 1979. The second time was good ol’ 2016, a year of many firsts.

Top 10 Horror Travel Destinations

Do you like horror movies and travel? Do you like to combine those two hobbies, leading to perpetual fear in a situation where your state of mind should be blissful and happy? I have some great news for you! . Let’s take a look at the best horror travel destinations for all your death-defying traveling needs.

6 Biggest Travel Hotspots of 2016 – Revealed!

There are a lot of cities and coastal locations that have become real travel hotspots in 2016. Some gems were once lost and then re-discovered by curious travelers, others are just great places to travel to and will probably stay that way for years to come. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the best traveling locations of the year, here are the 6 most-visited cities of 2016.

7 Mouthwatering Latin American Snacks To Include Into Your Bucket List

Do you like delicious and/or spicy food? Great! I've got a few special treats from Latin America. Prepare to drool like a bulldog on a hot summer day for these mouthwatering dishes. Bon appetite, or should I say buen apetito!

Galaxy Within a Cave

New Zealand: the beautiful island of peace next to Australia; everyone’s favorite land of sheep and hobbits – and, apparently, magical caves. Just take a look at these enchanting lights. Bet you can’t

Dubai from Above

As we all know, Dubai has been transformed into a real wonder of the World. Our generation has a unique opportunity to witness how an empty desert can be transformed into one of the planets most inter

Top 10 Best Rooftop Bars In The World

1-Altitude – Singapore1-Altitude is situated at the highest point of Singapore at the top of the One Raffles Place Building. 1-Altitude isn’t just a bar, it’s a three level experience. 1-Altitude str