12 Japanese Instagram Accounts to Follow

12 Japanese Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram is a whole extra world where you find inspiration, friends, haters and all the other fun. And the service has got hundreds of millions of registered users for you to stalk. Do we actually have time to seek and find really cool accounts? Stalking is fun until you understand you spent 5 hours just sneaking around from one Instagram page to another.
Why not to just look through accounts we’ve already prepared for you? Choose the ones you love and push “follow” immediately!
Today we want to present you a collection of Japanese accounts that are unusual, unexpected and pretty creative to say the least.
Japan is often a surprising culture: a unique society, imbued with technological progress, delicious food (think ramen), and peculiar fashion. Even some stereotypes about Japanese people might be destroyed after you check out these profiles.
See for yourself and get inspired!



This account runs by Ran – a creative baker from Tokyo. He makes a funny-looking bread with illustrations making a single food intake a super fun action. His bread is colored with natural ingredients and, the most important part – it’s super delicious!



Japan Lover Me is another great profile that spreads Japanese culture (traditional, Kawaii and Otaku) everywhere. You can also visit their shop that features all things Japanese!



Cuteness overload here! This Instagram page belongs to Kaila, a creative blogger based in Japan. The girl promotes Kawaii lifestyle and in 2015 she was named the most Kawaii-inspired person of the year! She’s running a few online projects in order to spread Kawaii culture all over the world.



Mio Hishinuma is from Tokyo and she likes to cook. If you’re interested in healthy and tasty Japanese food – this Instagram is what you need. By the way, she is also a registered dietitian. Be careful and don’t open the link when you’re hungry!



There’s a 99% chance you will want to follow this Guy. Takashi Yasui is a photographer based in Tokyo. His works are unusual: the guy shows very different side of Japan – the modern world full of skyscrapers and urbanized streets with everyone in a rush, along with the slower-paced ancient Japan where the old culture may be seen and appreciated. Follow him and explore Japan from various angles!



Hiroaki Fukuda is a photographer and traveler based in Tokyo (but seems to get around everywhere). He will inspire even the laziest people. Not sure if you want to stay at home this long weekend? After checking out his works you will be ready to pack your stuff and explore new places immediately.



Japanese fashion is what may seem unexplainable for many of us. But what if we just don’t know enough about Japanese fashion to appreciate it? Tokyo fashion will provide you with a daily bunch of street fashion looks from Harajuku, Shibuya & other areas of the city. 433,000 subscribers are already enjoying the pics every day!



This account is worth spending a few hours in. Unbelievably beautiful and colorful night views of Japan that are hard not to stare at in wonder.



Naomi O, the owner of the page is a bright, beautiful and creative girl from Kobe, whose Instagram page is a bit sophisticated and very fresh. She loves to share images of food, flowers and all things beautiful.



Yamato, a 26 year old photographer from Tokyo, will please you with his atmospheric photos and enjoyable captions. He shares quality traditional and multiple exposure photos in the unique style. We just can’t help but follow this account!



Tomoyasu Koyanagi has 66,800 followers but we would definitely say this is not much for such a great profile! The guy shares quality, interesting and sometimes haunting photos of people, landscapes and nature.



Kohji M is a Tokyo guy with many diverse interests and a very dynamic Instagram account. He likes to create posts about children and family life and is tremendously talented at it. Follow him and you’ll for sure love his photos and want them in your Insta feed!

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