5 Spots Geeks and Gamers Should Visit In Japan

So you're planning a trip to Japan, and you just so happen to be a geek and/or a gamer? Without further ado, check out these 9 spots geeks and gamers should visit in Japan.

Japan’s Glimmering Tunnel of Lights — Spectacular Winter Illuminations

Do you know any flowers that bloom in winter? We don’t. BUT, there’s a really cool light show in Japan that has the same potential as the flowers. The show is called Touka no Kyouen (Flowers in Winter

14 Mind-Blowing Examples of Alien & Beautiful Nature

There’s no photoshop, no image alteration of any kind, just another proof that nature can create miracles of unimaginable beauty. Of course, from time to time we, humans, try to improve nature’s desig

The 7 Wonders of the Modern World

Since the Seven Wonders of the ancient world were pretty much all but destroyed (only thing that was left were the Giza pyramids), some new ones were picked out by the New7Wonders (what’s in a name?) Foundation. A total of 21 finalists were selected, and the results were made public on July 7th, 2007. Let’s take a look at everyone’s next 21 trip locations.

14 Most Gorgeous Lakes on the Planet

Lakes are staggering natural masterpieces, and show off some of water’s most mesmerizing qualities, such as: mirror-like reflections, crystalline clarity and hypnotizing ripples. There are literally millions, if not billions of lakes in the world from tiny overgrown ponds to pretty much ocean-sized giants. Of those millions, there must be some lakes that stand out more, either thanks to their location, or the surrounding wilderness. These 14 astonishing lakes are all unique, and are well worth a visit.